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Day Observation's

World asthma day

World Asthma Day is observed every year on the first Tuesday of May.This year it falls on May 4. It is an annual event organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) in collaboration with health care groups and asthma educators, to spread awareness and care around the world.

It aims to educate people on how best to get control over this respiratory problem and other allergic diseases.

The theme for World Asthma Day 2021

The theme for World Asthma Day 2021 is “Uncovering Asthma Misconceptions”. The theme provides a call to action to address common widely held myths and misconceptions concerning asthma that prevent persons with asthma from enjoying optimal benefit from the major advances in the management of this condition.


The first World Asthma Day was celebrated in 1998 in more than 35 countries along with the first World Asthma Meeting held in Barcelona, Spain.

Since then, the day has become one of the most important asthma awareness events.

What is Asthma:

Asthma is a condition of chronic disease which hinders the respiratory system, causing difficulty in breathing. It  can trigger frequent coughs and wheeze.

It is a condition that cannot be cured, but the effective measure can lessen the chances of its danger. Staying in clean environments, regular exposure to fresh and clean air, avoiding drugs, quitting smoke can be really beneficial.

Common misconceptions :

  1. Asthma is a childhood disease
  2. Asthma sufferers should not exercise.
  3. Asthma is only controllable with high dose steroids.

The Truth is:

  1. Asthma can occur at any age (in children, adolescents, adults and elderly)
  2. Asthma is not infectious. However, viral respiratory infections (such as common cold and the flu) can cause asthma attacks. Or In children, asthma is frequently associated with allergy, but asthma which starts in adulthood is less often allergic.
  3. When asthma is well controlled, asthma subjects are able to exercise and even perform top sport.
  4. Asthma is most often controllable with low dose inhaled steroi

World Asthma Day was first held in 1998, and has grown each year to become one of the most important Asthma events globally. On World Asthma Day,hundreds of awareness-raising activities will take place in countries all over the world.

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