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Day Observation's In English

World Embryologist Day 

On 25 July 1978, Louise Joy Brown became the first baby to be conceived through IVF or in vitro fertilisation & World Embryologists Day every year.  An embryologist is a fertility specialist that helps to create viable embryos to either be used in IVF right away or to be frozen for later use.

On this day world's first IVF baby was born. Embryologists play an important role in an IVF clinic. They help in making babies happen or we can say that creating life in their hands. Sometimes they are also reffered to as caretakers of patients sperm, eggs, or embryos because they are the nurturers of this new start of life. Basically embryologists are those who study sperm, eggs, and embryos. They will be able to determine which sperm, eggs, and embryos are the healthiest and can be selected for IVF treatment.

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