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Day Observation's In English

Ambedkar Jayanti-

Ambedkar Jayanti or Bhim Jayanti is an annual festival observed on 14 April. Every year, Ambedkar’s birth anniversary is celebrated on April 14 to honour his countless contributions in the making of the present-day independent India. architect of the Indian Constitution Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was born on April 14 in the year 1891

Ex Spouse Day

Reverend Ronald Coleman of Kansas City, Missouri created National Ex-Spouse Day in 1987 as a way to dissolve the bitterness that is often associated with divorce.He hoped more people would forgive their spouse and focus on positive aspects of their own lives.

International Moment of Laughter Day

April 14 every year is a day to remind people to laugh out loud every day. Originator Izzy Gesell says laughing out loud is as essential as breathing. It relieves stress, instills optimism, raises self-confidence, defuses resistance to change, and enhances all your relationships.

Mahabisuba Sankranti /Baisakhi- 

According to the Hindu calendar on this day, the Sun enters the Aries zodiac sign or Mesha rashi, hence it's also called Mesha Sankranti / Mahabisuba Sankranti or the first day of the New Year.  Maha Vishuba Sankranti is the traditional solar new year of Odisha. Baisakhi, the grand harvest festival of Punjab. Several states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Odisha, Punjab, West Bengal and Assam, celebrate New Years in mid-April.

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