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History Of Day In English

Historical Events -  July 13.

1830: Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Alexander Duff started Scottish Church College with five students.

1837: Queen Victoria moved into Buckingham Palace. It has since become the official Royal residence of England.

1863: More than a thousand people were injured in a riot by opponents of the Civil War draft in New York.

1929: The revolutionary Jatindranath Das started a 63-day historic hunger strike that led to his death.

2011: The country’s financial capital, Mumbai, was rocked by triple blasts. The blasts took place at Jhaveri Bazaar, Opera House, and Dadar in Mumbai.

Famous Birthdays  – July 13

1863: Margaret Murray, an Anglo-Indian Egyptologist, archaeologist, anthropologist, historian, and folklorist.

1892: Kesarbai Kerkar, an Indian classical vocalist of the Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana.

1953: Vairamuthu Ramasamy, an Indian poet, lyricist, and novelist.

1982: Master Saleem, an Indian singer from Punjab, India.

Death Anniversaries -  July 13

1990: Bobby Talyarkhan, an Indian cricket commentator.

1995: Ashapurna Devi, a prominent Indian novelist, and poet.

2000: Indira Sant, an Indian-Marathi poet.

2009: Nilu Phule, an Indian actor.

2010: Manohari Singh was an Indian music director, and saxophonist.



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