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History Of Day In English

Historical Events May 1.

1707: The Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland merged and formed the Kingdom of Great Britain.

1840: The Penny Black, the first adhesive postage stamp, was issued in the United Kingdom.

1844: Hong Kong Police Force became the second modern police force in the world and the first in Asia.

1886,: International Labour Day celebrated for the first time at the second meeting of the Communist International.

1890: World Labour Day celebrated for the first time in the world.

1897: Ramakrishna Mission started by Swami Vivekananda.

1927: World Labour Day celebrated in India for the first time.

1930: The ninth planet in the solar system named Pluto.

1940: Olympic Games were cancelled due to war.

1960: Partition of Bombay province into Maharashtra and Gujarat.

1960: Establishment of the Gujurat High Court.

1961: Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro declared Cuba a socialist nation and cancelled elections. 

1978: Japan’s Naomi Uemura became the first man to reach the North Pole alone.

1993: Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadas died in bombing.

2011: United States President BarackObama confirmed that al-Qaeda leader Osamabin Laden had been killed in his compound in Abbottabad, northeastern Pakistan.

Famous Birthdays May 1

1913: Balraj Sahni, an Indian film and stage actor.

1915: Dr. Rameshwar Shukla Anchal, a Hindi Literary.

1919: Manna Dey, an internationally acclaimed Indian playback singer, music director, musician, and Indian classical vocalist. 

1922: Madhu Limaye, an Indian socialist essayist and activist.

1931: Rajkumar  Singhajit Singh, a leading exponent, choreographer, and guru of the Indian classical dance form of Manipuri.

1932: S. M. Krishna, an Indian politician and the 16th Chief Minister of Karnataka.

1955: Anand Mahindra, an Indian billionaire businessman, and the chairman of Mahindra Group

1971: Ajith Kumar, an Indian actor who works predominantly in Tamil cinema. 

1988: Anushka Sharma, an Indian actress, and producer.

Death Anniversaries May 1

1945: Paul Joseph Goebbels, a German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany.

1972: Kamalnayan Bajaj was an Indian businessman and politician.

1993: Ranasinghe Premadasa, the third President of Sri Lanka.


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