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History Of Day In English

Historical Events - August 30

30 BCE – The ruler of the eastern part of the Roman Empire, Mark Antony, committed suicide at the court of his Egyptian lover, Cleopatra.

1574 – Guru Ram Das became the fourth Sikh Guru.

1860 – The first in Britain began running.

1881 – Clement Ader of Germany patented the first stereo system.

1901 – The vacuum cleaner is patented by Scotsman Hubert Cecil Booth.

1961 – A direct telephone line between the White House and Kremlin became operational today.

1981 – President Mohammad Ali Rajai and Prime Minister Mohammad Javad Bahonar of Iran were assassinated in a bombing committed by People’s Mujahidin of Iran.

Famous Birthdays    – August 30  

1833 – Swami Kuvalayananda, Indian scientist. He was primarily known for his pioneering research into the scientific foundations of Yoga.

1871 – Ernest Rutherford, New-Zealand born British chemist, and physicist. He came to know as the father of nuclear physics. Nobel Prize winner.

1904 – Naval Tata, Indian Industrialist. He was an adopted son of Sir Ratanji Tata and noted alumni DAVIET of the Tata group.

1923 – Shailendra, an Indian poet, and Hindi film lyricist.

1935 – Surai Sasai, Japanese born Indian Buddhist Monk.

1930 – Warren Buffett, an American business magnate and investor. Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is considered one of the most successful investors in the World. He has a net worth of US $86 as of December 2019, making him the fourth wealthiest person in the World.  

1954 – Ravi Shankar Prasad, Indian politician. Union Minister holding Law and Justice, Communication and Electronics, and IT portfolios in the Government of India.

1954 – Alexander Lukashenko, Belarusian Marshal, and politician, first President of Belarus.

1972 – Cameron Diaz, American actress.

1991 – Guru Randhawa, Indian singer, and songwriter.


Death Anniversaries  – August 30

1483 – Luis XI, King of France.

1773 – Narayan Rao Peshwa, Prime Minister of Maratha Empire.

1928 – Wilhelm Wien, German physicist. Won Nobel Prize. He is best known for Wien’s displacement law of blackbody radiation and Wien’s distribution law (also known as Wien’s approximation).

1940 – J J Thomson, English physicist, and mathematician. Credited with the discovery of the electrons and He discovered the first subatomic particle. He won Nobel Prize in physics for his work on the conduction of electricity in gases.

1981 – J P Naik, Indian educationist. Founder of the Indian Institute of Education.

2003 – Charles Bronson, American actor, and soldier.

2015 – M M Kalburgi, Indian author, scholar, and academic.


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