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History Of Day

Historical Events -  November 30

1872 : The world’s first international football match was played between Scotland and England at Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow.

1917 : Establishment of Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Institute at Calcutta.

1966 : Barbados gained independence from the United Kingdom.

1967 : The Pakistan People’s Party was founded by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who became its first chairman.

1995 : Official announcement of the end of Operation Desert Storm.

2000 : Endeavor flew from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to the International Space Station, carrying five astronauts and giant solar panels.

2000 : Priyanka Chopra became Miss World.

Famous Birthdays   – November 30  

1602: Otto von Guericke, a German physicist.

1761: Smithson Tenant, a British chemist, who proved experimentally that diamonds are carbon.

1835: Mark Twain, a famous American comedian, and novelist.

1858: Dr. Jagdish Chandra Bose, Indian botanist.

1874: Winston Churchill, a British statesman, army officer, writer, and Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

1923: V. N. Janaki, an Indian politician and activist of Tamil Nadu.

1931: Romila Thapar, an Indian historian.

1936: Abby Hoffman, founder of the Youth International Party.

1945: Vani Jayaram, Indian playback singer.

1950: Subhash Chandra Goenka, an Indian businessman, and founder of Zee TV. 

1953: Kurian Joseph, a former judge of the Supreme Court of India.

1967: Rajiv Dixit, an Indian social activist, public speaker, and a promoter of Ayurveda.

Death Anniversaries   – November 30

1900: Oscar Wilde, an Irish writer, poet, and playwright.

1953: B. N. Rau, an Indian civil servant, jurist, diplomat, and statesman

1970: Nina Ricky, French fashion designer.

1989: Ahmedou Ahmed, Cameroon’s first president.

2010: Rajiv Dixit, an Indian social activist, public speaker, and a promoter of Ayurveda.

2012: Indra Kumar Gujral, the 12th Prime Minister of India.

2013: Paul Walker, an American actor. 

2014: Jarbom Gamlin, 7th Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.

2018: George H. W. Bush, American politician, 41st the President of United States.


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